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Living on the west coast of Sweden you are always close to the salty water. Like most people from Gothenburg, we love water and treasure it.

This is why we started Carrinet, we were determined that we could do something about all the pollution single use plastic bags created.

Coming from backgrounds in business development and creative marketing Håkan and I developed a concept for spreading reusable alternatives to flimsy bags in the fruit and veggie department. We are very proud and happy that we in just over 18 months have been able to save the planet from over 500 tons of single use plastic. We are convinced that we can do more and we push the development of new products and new reusable materials.

We hope you will join us in our mission – make consumers reuse as much as possible.

Mia Ekblad, CEO

Veggio is made to last for many tours to the market! As Veggio are breathable they help keeping your veggies fresh for longer in the fridge and they protect the produce from flies in the kitchen. This increases the life time of some of your veggies and makes Veggio a very sustainable choice to single use plastic bags.

Veggio can be used over and over again and will help reduce the amount of single use plastic and paper bags and keep them from littering the environment.

The durable bags are useful both for shopping as well as storing/organizing food in the fridge and for other purposes – like putting all your cords in when traveling or as laundry bags!

By using Veggio every customer can save hundreds of single use bags every year!

Material: 100% rPET. Designed in Sweden - Made in China.

Upgrade! Veggio is now made from recycled PET bottles

  • Made from rPET Bottles.

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Food Safety Certified

  • Transparent and lightweight

  • Side label for attaching price tags

  • Rinse your produce through the bag

  • Machine washable at 40°c (Hang dry)

  • Mold does not stick on the bags

  • Holds 10 kg/22 lbs

  • Multilanguage packaging;
    EN, DE, FR, SE, DK, NO, ES, IT